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Cheer Essential Oil Blend

Uplifting Blend

Sunshine in a bottle

Immerse yourself in the invigorating symphony of doTERRA Cheer from the esteemed Emotional Aromatherapy collection. A meticulously crafted blend of the world's most uplifting and revitalizing essential oils, Cheer brings together the sunny and sweet notes of Wild Orange, the subtle warmth of Ginger, and the bright exhilaration of Bergamot. Paired with the exotic depth of Ylang Ylang, the grounding essence of Frankincense, and the comforting touches of Lemongrass, Tonka Bean, and Vanilla Absolute, this blend is a true testament to nature's profound ability to inspire joy and optimism. Whether you're facing a challenging day or simply wish to infuse a moment with positivity, let the radiant bouquet of doTERRA Cheer elevate your spirits and illuminate your path.

Single Oils: Wild Orange, Star Anise, Ginger, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Frankincense, Lemongrass, Tonka Bean, Vanilla Absolute


Aromatic Description: Fresh, spicy, warm

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Experience the uplifting essence of doTERRA Cheer blend, a harmonious fusion of Wild Orange, Ginger, Bergamot, and more. Ignite joy and positivity with this expertly crafted Emotional Aromatherapy elixir

Take a Closer Look

Let's take a deeper dive into this blend and its single oils

Wild Orange

Wild Orange essential oil is renowned for its refreshing and invigorating aroma. It possesses a sweet, tangy scent that instantly uplifts the mood and revitalizes the senses. Often associated with brightness and positivity, this oil can act as a wonderful tonic to combat feelings of sadness or lethargy.

Star Anise

Star Anise oil exudes a distinct spicy and sweet aroma that transports the senses to a realm of tranquility. Known for its comforting properties, it lends a sense of balance and grounding. The slightly licorice-like scent is both alluring and soothing, perfect for calming an overactive mind.


Ginger essential oil boasts a warm, spicy fragrance that stimulates and enlivens. Its zesty undertones can provide a boost of energy and motivation, making it a wonderful choice to reinvigorate a weary spirit. Furthermore, its grounding properties help center emotions and provide a balanced outlook.


A delightfully aromatic citrus oil, Bergamot offers a light, floral citrus scent that's both uplifting and calming. Often associated with feelings of joy and energy, its pleasant and refined aroma can simultaneously soothe anxious feelings and boost mood, making it a wonderfully versatile component in blends.

Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang's rich, floral scent is enveloping and romantic. Known to inspire feelings of deep relaxation and happiness, its intoxicating fragrance has a calming effect on the heart and mind. The oil's sweet, soft, and slightly fruity aroma elevates moods and promotes a sense of harmony.


Revered for its ancient spiritual associations, Frankincense essential oil offers a warm, resinous, and slightly spicy scent that calms and centers. Known for promoting feelings of peace and inner connection, its deep and grounding aroma provides a perfect base note to blends, enhancing their overall depth.


Lemongrass essential oil is characterized by its strong, herbaceous aroma with a lemony undertone. Its scent energizes and revitalizes, acting as a wonderful pick-me-up. The fresh and earthy tones of Lemongrass provide a sense of clarity, focus, and refreshed energy.

Tonka Bean

Tonka Bean exudes a warm, sweet aroma reminiscent of vanilla, almonds, and cloves. Its rich and comforting scent promotes a sense of relaxation and well-being. In blends, it lends a depth and sweetness that's both grounding and reassuring.

Vanilla Absolute

Vanilla Absolute, a thicker and more concentrated form than typical vanilla essential oil, boasts a sweet, warm, and rich aroma. Its comforting scent evokes feelings of warmth, nostalgia, and comfort. Often associated with soothing and calming properties, its familiar fragrance makes it a favorite for promoting relaxation and emotional balance.

10 ways to use cheer oil
  1. Morning Mood Booster: Begin your day by applying a drop of Cheer to your wrists and behind the ears. Its invigorating aroma can set a positive tone for the entire day.

  2. Aromatic Shower: Place a few drops on the shower floor, away from the direct stream of water. The warmth of the shower will diffuse the uplifting aroma, creating a spa-like experience.

  3. DIY Scented Stationery: Infuse letter paper or cards with Cheer by placing a cotton ball with a drop of the blend in a sealed bag with the stationery overnight. Your handwritten notes will carry an uplifting aroma with them.

  4. Cheerful Linen Spray: Mix a few drops with distilled water in a spray bottle. Mist your bed linens for a restful, joyful sleep environment.

  5. Invigorating Bath Salts: Mix several drops of Cheer with Epsom salts for a rejuvenating and mood-boosting bath soak.

  6. Car Diffusion: Apply a drop of Cheer to wooden clothespins and clip them to your car's air vents. This will disperse the invigorating aroma during your commute or road trip.

  7. Hair Fragrance: Mix a drop of Cheer with water in a spray bottle and lightly mist your hair for a naturally fragrant uplift.

  8. Uplifting Massage Oil: Combine Cheer with a carrier oil, like fractionated coconut oil, for a mood-lifting massage experience.

  9. Positivity Bracelet: Dab a drop of Cheer onto lava bead bracelets. The porous nature of the beads will retain the aroma, allowing you to enjoy its uplifting benefits throughout the day.

  10. Joyful Candle Making: When making homemade candles, add a few drops of Cheer to the melted wax for a scent that lifts spirits as the candle burns.

essential emotions

Let's take a look at the emotional and spiritual benefits of Cheer Essential Oil, followed by a discussion on the profound impact of essential oils on emotions through the lens of the limbic system and the brain.

Emotional Benefits

  1. Enhanced Mood: The harmonious combination of essential oils in Cheer is designed to uplift the spirit, helping to alleviate feelings of gloominess and introduce a burst of positivity.

  2. Anxious Feelings: The calming properties within certain components of the blend can help reduce anxious feelings, allowing users to approach challenges with a calmer demeanor.

  3. Stress Relief: The soothing aroma of Cheer may help mitigate feelings of stress, promoting relaxation and a more balanced emotional state.

  4. Increased Optimism: Regular use of Cheer can cultivate a brighter outlook on life, encouraging a more optimistic perspective even during trying times.

  5. Boosted Self-Esteem: The invigorating properties of Cheer can help bolster self-confidence and enhance feelings of self-worth.

Spiritual Benefits  

  1. Enhanced Meditation: Incorporating Cheer into meditation practices can help elevate the spiritual experience, allowing for deeper connection and insight.

  2. Cleansing Aura: The blend can be used to cleanse one's aura or energy field, ridding it of negativity and inviting positive energy.

  3. Alignment with Joy: As its name suggests, Cheer can align the spirit with vibrations of joy and happiness, aiding spiritual growth in the direction of these positive emotions.

  4. Heart Chakra Stimulation: Certain components in Cheer resonate with the heart chakra, potentially aiding in opening and balancing this energy center, which is associated with love, compassion, and joy.

  5. Heightened Intuition: By fostering a clearer and more uplifted emotional and spiritual state, Cheer can also pave the way for enhanced intuitive insights and spiritual guidance.

Why Essential Oils Impact Emotions Profoundly

The profound effects of essential oils on emotions can be traced back to the intricate workings of our brain, particularly the limbic system. Here's how:

  1. Limbic System Connection: The limbic system, which includes structures like the amygdala and the hippocampus, plays a crucial role in our emotional responses, memory, and motivation. When we inhale the aroma of an essential oil, the scent molecules travel up the nose and interact with olfactory receptors. These receptors send signals directly to the limbic system.

  2. Immediate Response: Given the direct pathway to the limbic system, the effects of essential oils on our emotions can be almost immediate. For instance, calming scents might quickly ease anxious feelings, while invigorating ones can provide an almost instant uplift in mood.

  3. Memory and Association: The hippocampus's role in memory means that certain aromas can evoke powerful emotional memories. A scent can take us back to a cherished memory, infusing us with the associated emotions.

  4. Hormonal Impact: The limbic system also influences the hypothalamus, which can trigger the release of hormones. Certain essential oils can, therefore, indirectly impact the release of hormones like serotonin or cortisol, further influencing our emotional state.

  5. Holistic Experience: Essential oils provide a holistic experience, harmonizing both physiological responses and psychological perceptions. Their multi-dimensional impact makes them a potent tool for emotional and spiritual wellness.


The inherent properties of individual essential oils, coupled with our personal memories and experiences, make each person's experience with an oil unique. As such, essential oils can be powerful tools in emotional wellness, aiding in relaxation, mood regulation, and overall emotional well-being.

cheer oil affirmations

Pairing affirmations with the aromatic experience of Cheer can amplify your intention-setting and internal reflections. Here are five affirmations tailored to the detoxifying and purifying essence of the Zendocrine blend:

  1. Joyful Clarity: As I breathe in the vibrant essence of Cheer, I am filled with radiant joy, illuminating my path with clarity and purpose.

  2. Optimistic Abundance: Every drop of Cheer reminds me that the universe is abundant and aligns with my optimistic outlook, drawing boundless positive experiences my way.

  3. Empowered Serenity: Anointed with the uplifting energy of Cheer, I stand strong, centered, and serene amidst life's storms, harnessing their power to propel me forward.

  4. Heart's Radiance: With every application of Cheer, my heart chakra blossoms, radiating love, compassion, and joy to myself and all those around me.

  5. Boundless Bliss: As I envelop myself in the embrace of Cheer, I affirm that happiness is my birthright, and I choose to dwell in boundless bliss, no matter the external circumstances.

Remember, the power of affirmations lies in repetition and genuine belief. When paired with the aromatic experience, they can serve as a potent tool for self-transformation and holistic well-being.

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