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Arborvitae Essential Oil

doTERRA Arborvitae Essential Oil is derived from the Arborvitae tree, scientifically known as Thuja plicata. The Arborvitae tree is a species of coniferous tree belonging to the Cupressaceae family and is native to North America, particularly the Pacific Northwest region of the United States and parts of Canada. 

Plant Description

  1. Botanical Name: Thuja plicata

  2. Common Name: Western Red Cedar or Arborvitae

  3. Appearance: Arborvitae trees are tall evergreen trees that can reach heights of up to 200 feet (60 meters). They have a conical shape and dense foliage, which consists of flattened, scale-like leaves. The leaves are dark green and arranged in opposite pairs along the branches.

  4. Wood: Arborvitae wood is highly valued for its durability, resistance to decay, and pleasant aroma. It is often used in construction for making fences, shingles, and other outdoor structures.

  5. Cone Description: The Arborvitae tree produces small, egg-shaped cones that are about 0.4 to 0.8 inches (1 to 2 centimeters) long. These cones contain tiny seeds.


  1. Traditional Use: Native American tribes, such as the Haida and Coast Salish, have used various parts of the Arborvitae tree for centuries. They used the wood for building canoes, totem poles, and houses, and they also made herbal remedies from the bark and leaves.

  2. European Discovery: Arborvitae was introduced to European settlers by indigenous peoples, and it soon gained popularity for its durable wood.

  3. doTERRA Arborvitae Essential Oil: doTERRA, a well-known essential oil company, produces Arborvitae Essential Oil through steam distillation of the wood of the Arborvitae tree. The oil has a unique, grounding aroma and is known for its various potential benefits, such as its calming and soothing properties. It is often used in aromatherapy and as a natural wood preservative.


In summary, doTERRA Arborvitae Essential Oil is derived from the Arborvitae tree, which is native to North America and has a long history of use by indigenous peoples for its wood and medicinal properties. The essential oil extracted from this tree is treasured for its aromatic qualities and potential therapeutic benefits.

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Take a Closer Look


Steam Distillation



Woody, warm, earthy



Methyl thujate, Methyl-Myrtenate, Terpinen-4-ol





  1. Aromatic use: Use 3-4 drops in the diffuser of choice.

  2. Topical use: Apply 1-2 drops to desired area. Dilute with a carrier oil to minimize any skin sensitivity. See additional precautions below.


  • Add a few drops to a spray bottle with water and spray on surfaces or hands for a quick DIY cleaner.

  • Apply to wrists and ankles while hiking or enjoying other outdoor activities for a pleasant aroma.

  • Diffuse to freshen the air.

  • Mix 4 drops of Arborvitae essential oil and 2 drops of Lemon essential oil in 6 ounces of water for a natural wood polish.

  • Use during mediation to create an atmosphere of peace and calm.


Possible skin sensitivity. Keep out of reach of children. If you are pregnant, nursing, or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas.


  • Natural Insect Repellent: Arborvitae oil contains compounds that can help repel insects, making it a useful natural insect repellent for both humans and pets.

  • Irritations: Arborvitae oil's properties may aid in the soothing of skin irritations when diluted and applied topically.

  • Healthy Inflammatory Response: Due to its soothing properties, Arborvitae oil may help soothe the skin like redness and itching.

  • Respiratory Support: Inhalation of Arborvitae oil may offer respiratory support, potentially helping with stuffiness and discomfort.

  • Natural Deodorant: The oil's pleasant aroma can be used as a natural deodorant to mask odors and provide a fresh scent when applied topically.

  • Skin Health: Arborvitae oil may promote healthier-looking skin when used in skincare routines due to its cleansing and soothing properties.

  • Muscle and Joint Discomfort: When diluted and applied topically, Arborvitae oil's anti-inflammatory effects may help alleviate minor muscle and joint discomfort.

  • Supports Healthy Hair: Arborvitae oil can be added to hair care products to promote healthier hair and scalp when used in moderation.

  • Environmental Protection: It can be used as a natural wood preservative to protect wooden surfaces, such as furniture and outdoor structures, from decay and environmental damage.

10 ways to use arborvitae oil
  1. Natural Shoe Deodorizer: Place a few drops of Arborvitae oil on a cotton ball or a small piece of cloth and insert it into your shoes to help eliminate odors and keep them smelling fresh.

  2. Car Air Freshener: Create a DIY car air freshener by adding a few drops of Arborvitae oil to a wooden clothespin or a piece of felt. Clip it to your car's air vent for a natural and refreshing scent.

  3. Homemade Potpourri: Enhance your homemade potpourri by adding a drop or two of Arborvitae oil to the dried flowers, herbs, or spices. This can infuse your potpourri with a unique woodsy aroma.

  4. DIY Scented Candles: Make your own scented candles by mixing Arborvitae oil with melted soy wax. Pour the mixture into candle molds and let it cool to create custom scented candles.

  5. Outdoor Adventure Companion: Bring Arborvitae oil with you on outdoor adventures. Apply a diluted solution to your skin to help repel insects while enjoying nature.

  6. Laundry Enhancer: Add a few drops of Arborvitae oil to your laundry detergent or a wool dryer ball to give your clothes a fresh, woodsy scent.

  7. Refreshing Facial Mist: Create a rejuvenating facial mist by diluting Arborvitae oil with distilled water in a spray bottle. Spritz it on your face for a quick pick-me-up and to help balance your skin.

  8. Diffuse During Meditation: Use Arborvitae oil during meditation sessions by diffusing it in your meditation space. Its grounding scent can help enhance your mindfulness practice.

  9. Outdoor Yoga Mat Cleaner: Mix Arborvitae oil with water in a spray bottle and use it to clean your yoga mat after outdoor yoga sessions, helping to sanitize and refresh it.

  10. Natural DIY Incense: Create your own natural incense sticks or cones by rolling a mixture of Arborvitae oil and powdered herbs onto bamboo skewers or unscented incense cones. Allow them to dry and use them for a unique, natural aroma in your space.

diy recipes with arborvitae oil

Natural Wood Furniture Polish:

  • Ingredients:

    • 1/2 cup of olive oil

    • 1/4 cup of white vinegar

    • 10 drops of Arborvitae essential oil

    • 5 drops of lemon essential oil

  • Instructions:

    1. Mix all the ingredients in a glass spray bottle.

    2. Shake well before each use.

    3. Spray onto wooden furniture and wipe with a clean cloth for a natural wood polish that cleans and protects.

Outdoor Citronella Candles

  • Ingredients:

    • Soy wax flakes

    • 10-15 drops of Arborvitae essential oil

    • 10-15 drops of citronella essential oil

    • Candle wicks and holders

    • Heat-resistant container or candle molds

  • Instructions:

    1. Melt the soy wax flakes in a double boiler or microwave.

    2. Add Arborvitae and citronella essential oils to the melted wax.

    3. Place a wick in a heat-resistant container or mold.

    4. Pour the scented wax into the container or molds.

    5. Allow the candles to cool and solidify. Trim the wicks and use them as natural outdoor insect-repelling candles.

Aromatic Stress Relief Roller Blend

  • Ingredients:

    • 10 drops of Arborvitae essential oil

    • 5 drops of lavender essential oil

    • 5 drops of frankincense essential oil

    • Carrier oil (such as fractionated coconut oil)

    • 10 ml roller bottle

  • Instructions:

    1. Add Arborvitae, lavender, and frankincense essential oils to the roller bottle.

    2. Fill the rest of the bottle with a carrier oil.

    3. Roll the blend onto your wrists, temples, or the back of your neck to promote relaxation and stress relief.

Natural Shoe Spray

  • Ingredients:

    • 1/2 cup of distilled water

    • 10 drops of Arborvitae essential oil

    • 10 drops of tea tree essential oil

    • 5 drops of peppermint essential oil

  • Instructions:

    1. Combine all the ingredients in a spray bottle.

    2. Shake well before each use.

    3. Spritz the inside of your shoes to freshen them and help eliminate odors.

Outdoor Adventure Skin Protection Spray

  • Ingredients:

    • 10 drops of Arborvitae essential oil

    • 5 drops of lavender essential oil

    • 5 drops of geranium essential oil

    • 2 oz of aloe vera gel

  • Instructions:

    1. Mix the essential oils with aloe vera gel in a small spray bottle.

    2. Shake well before each use.

    3. Apply the spray to exposed skin before outdoor activities to help repel insects and provide skin protection.

Discover an eco-friendly way to polish your wooden furniture with our DIY natural wood furniture polish recipe. Featuring Arborvitae essential oil for added protection, this homemade polish combines the power of olive oil, white vinegar, and lemon essential oil for a clean and glossy finish
Create your own outdoor citronella candles with Arborvitae essential oil to ward off pesky insects naturally. Our simple DIY candle recipe uses soy wax and a blend of Arborvitae and citronella essential oils to keep your outdoor gatherings mosquito-free
Relax and unwind with our aromatic stress relief roller blend, featuring Arborvitae, lavender, and frankincense essential oils. This DIY roller blend is perfect for on-the-go stress relief, offering a soothing and grounding aroma
Revive your footwear and eliminate odors effortlessly with our natural shoe spray recipe. Blending the freshness of Arborvitae, tea tree, and peppermint essential oils with distilled water, this DIY spray is your go-to solution for fresher shoes
Stay protected during your outdoor adventures with our skin-friendly DIY protection spray. Infused with Arborvitae, lavender, and geranium essential oils, this outdoor skin spray combines natural ingredients to help repel insects and provide skin protection
essential emotions & spirituality

Arborvitae -The Oil of Divine Grace

Emotional Benefits

  1. Stress Reduction: Arborvitae oil's earthy aroma can help reduce stress and promote a sense of calm, making it beneficial for individuals dealing with daily stressors or anxious feelings.

  2. Emotional Stability: It may assist in stabilizing emotions, providing a sense of balance during times of emotional turbulence or heightened emotions.

  3. Mood Elevation: Diffusing Arborvitae oil can lift your mood and create a more positive and uplifting atmosphere, helping to combat feelings of sadness or negativity.

  4. Relaxation: Inhaling the scent of Arborvitae oil can induce relaxation, which can be especially helpful for those struggling with restlessness or difficulty relaxing before bedtime.

  5. Grounding: Arborvitae oil is often used in aromatherapy for its grounding properties. It can help individuals feel more rooted and connected to the present moment.

Spiritual Benefits

  1. Meditation Aid: Many people use Arborvitae oil during meditation to enhance their spiritual practice. Its grounding scent can help individuals stay focused and centered during meditation sessions.

  2. Purification: Arborvitae is associated with purification in various spiritual traditions. Some use it to cleanse their space of negative energies and promote a more positive and harmonious environment.

  3. Connection to Nature: Arborvitae oil's woodsy aroma can deepen one's connection to nature and the natural world, fostering a sense of reverence for the earth and its energies.

  4. Protection: In some belief systems, Arborvitae is seen as a protective oil. It is used to create a shield against negative influences and to guard one's energy and spirit.

  5. Balance and Harmony: Arborvitae oil is thought to bring balance and harmony to the spirit, helping individuals align with their higher selves and find a sense of inner peace.

Don't have this oil?

Substitutes may include:

Douglas Fir, Siberian Fir, Cypress

arborvitae oil affirmations

Here are five affirmations that you can incorporate with the use of Arborvitae essential oil to enhance their grounding and calming effects:

  1. I am rooted like the ancient Arborvitae tree, finding strength in my unwavering presence.

    • Apply a drop of Arborvitae oil to your wrists and inhale deeply as you repeat this affirmation. Visualize yourself as strong and unshakeable, just like the mighty Arborvitae tree.

  2. I release all stress and anxiety, embracing the tranquility that surrounds me.

    • Diffuse Arborvitae oil in your space and close your eyes. As you breathe in the calming aroma, repeat this affirmation, letting go of tension and inviting tranquility into your life.

  3. I am grounded and connected to the earth's energy, finding peace in every step I take.

    • Before a mindful walk or meditation, apply Arborvitae oil to the soles of your feet. With each step, repeat this affirmation, feeling the earth's energy beneath you.

  4. I cleanse my spirit of negativity, allowing positivity to flow freely within and around me.

    • Create a purification ritual by diffusing Arborvitae oil in your sacred space. As the aroma fills the air, repeat this affirmation, visualizing any negativity dissipating.

  5. I am protected and in harmony with the universe, attracting positive energies and experiences.

    • Apply a drop of Arborvitae oil to your heart center (the area over your heart). As you do, affirm this statement, opening yourself to the protective and harmonizing energies of Arborvitae.

These affirmations, when combined with the grounding and calming properties of Arborvitae essential oil, can help you foster a deeper sense of inner peace, strength, and connection to the world around you. Remember to practice these affirmations with intention and mindfulness to fully experience their benefits.

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