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I'm Jessica

Hello Beautiful Souls, and Welcome to Zen Orange! 

I’m Jessica, and I am here to guide you through this fragrant and exciting wellness journey. 


I'm a proud mom to my beautiful daughter, Lilly (13), and to my forever 19 son Jaden, who guides us from the other side of the veil.

My journey here grew out of a deep love for health and wellness, and a desire to share everything I have learned about Essential Oils, Energy Medicine, and Nutrition.

Here’s my mission: to take a walk through the amazing world of holistic healing with you, and maybe, just maybe, igniting a little spark of inspiration along the way. Whether you’re here to gain new insights, find some comfort, or satisfy a budding curiosity, I’m super excited to explore together with you.


With warmth and Love,

Jessica Tunis Mannen, PhD

Doctor of Holistic Medicine & Nutrition

Former pediatric Nurse (in Germany)

Eden Energy medicine Practitioner

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Fun Fact

It takes 30 lbs of Lavender Flowers to make one 15ml bottle of essential oil
It is also the most chemically similar essential oil to Coriander

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Essential Oils

Essential oils have the power to infuse tranquility and contentment, enhance your immune defenses, and invigorate your mind and overall well-being.

Embark on a journey to become a healer within your own home, as having access to safe, natural, effective, and readily available alternatives when they are needed is unparalleled!

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Energy Medicine

The state of being wildly busy is here to stay. Whether your busy is a challenge or a joy — or both — maintaining your momentum and strength in the marathon of life requires balance.


Through Energy Medicine, you can facilitate the restoration of balance, eradicate elements causing obstructions, and reinstate the wholesome circulation of intelligence.

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If you wish to schedule a consultation with me to discuss your particular health concerns, please send me a brief message. I will respond at my earliest convenience.

Homemade Recipes

You will find a variety of essential oil recipes and how you can live a greener, non toxic lifestyle....

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