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I can help you

Welcome, and thank you for considering embarking on a journey with me.

In a world abundant with possibilities, opportunities, and choices, making the decision of whom to entrust your journey with is paramount. So, why journey with me?

If you’ve struggled with loss, grief, depression, weight, or often find yourself feeling stagnant, I simply get it, with genuine empathy. My journey has brought me through similar valleys, providing me not only with insight into your experiences but also illuminating a path toward holistic freedom - financially, physically, and spiritually.

My realizations over years of introspection and personal development have solidified my belief that our thoughts profoundly impact our lives. My pursuit of knowledge in every facet of life has not only been transformative but has significantly influenced my actions, relationships, and daily living. Prioritizing genuine friendships and truly living (not merely existing) is incredibly important. After all, attention to what truly matters is what prevents life from quietly slipping away, don’t you agree?

My initial interaction with doTERRA was purely product-oriented, devoid of any thought of ever diving into the business side. However, the more I shared, unintentionally, I was gradually building a team and started receiving financial returns. Ultimately, the genuine joy in touching lives and making a tangible impact became a guiding light. Today, I continue to share, nurturing a team that magnifies this impact by changing the world, one drop of essential oil at a time, embracing individuals from various walks of life and geographical locations.


A significant pivot in my life’s journey occurred on December 29th, 2021, when my son chose to depart from this physical world. This unexpected transition not only accelerated my path but also deepened my exploration into life’s purpose, existence, and my mission here on Earth. Jadens transition highlighted a hidden talent within me that I felt compelled to share with others navigating through comparable experiences.

Mediumship was never a forefront pursuit for me, but as events unfolded, it became evident that this was my calling. While I am still journeying through mastering this craft, it aligns seamlessly with my existing work in energy healing, utilizing essential oils, and healing through touch.

Regardless of where you find yourself on your journey, I offer my support, guidance, and a safe space to explore, heal, and transform, if you’re ready to embrace change. 

Sending you love and light


I invite you to collaborate and co-create, as we explore, step by step, how to pave your path towards wellness, inspiration, and independence. Those who join me are not just partners; they're zealous, high-achieving individuals, primed to elevate their health, spark inspiration in others, and strive towards economic freedom.

  • Are you ready to transform into your best self?

  • Is the call to amplify your financial prosperity resonating with you?

  • Do you feel a stirring to uplift and inspire women around you?

  • Are you seeking a community where your participation makes a tangible impact?

  • Is the desire for a life filled with passion and purpose burning within you?

  • Are you ready to liberate yourself?

  • Is it time to confidently take charge of your life's path?

  • Do you yearn to radiate health, vibrancy, and energy in every step?

Are you Ready to dive into a transformative journey where your evolution is not only welcomed but celebrated? Let’s embark on this path together, cultivating wellness, freedom, and a vibrant community of inspired individuals. Your journey towards a more enriched self begins here and now.

I look forward to meeting you!

a Journey of Lasting Wealth and Health with Our Team


When you align with our team, you unlock a myriad of benefits crafted with your growth and success in mind:

  • Direct Access to a Supportive Network: Connect with myself and a remarkable team dedicated to guiding you into a space of growth and collective triumph.

  • Comprehensive Essential Oil Training: Obtain the tools and training essential to commence your journey into the world of essential oil expertise.

  • Tailored Mentorship: Benefit from personalized mentorship calls designed to foster your progress and answer your individual queries.

  • Continuous Learning Opportunities: Enjoy complimentary access to ongoing educational resources, ensuring your knowledge remains current and robust.

  • Exclusive Community Connection: Gain entry into our private Facebook groups, providing you a space to mingle with both experienced business builders and product users alike.

  • Incentive Programs Participation: Leverage the ability to engage in incentive programs designed to fuel the growth and prosperity of your business.

  • Exclusive Events and Retreats: Receive invitations to retreats and training days, carefully curated to provide exclusive knowledge and networking opportunities to our team members.

  • Exclusive Product Discounts: Enjoy unparalleled discounts on all company products, ensuring you gain the utmost value.

  • A Pathway to Wealth and Health: Seize the opportunity to forge a pathway to enduring health and wealth, all from a comfortably low-investment, home-based business platform.

Embrace a journey where your wellness, wealth, and personal development are at the forefront, all within a community that nurtures and champions your success.

Seeking Partners for a Journey to Health and Success

I am on searching for individuals ready to embark on a transformative journey, intertwining health, wellness, and business growth.

Here’s what I seek in my prospective team members:

  • High Motivation: An innate drive to achieve, succeed, and exceed their own expectations.

  • Passion for Health: A genuine enthusiasm and dedication toward wellness and healthy living.

  • Commitment to Work: A robust dedication to invest time and effort to reap rewarding results.

  • Teachability: An open mindset, ready to learn, adapt, and evolve through new knowledge and skills.

  • Willingness for Regular Mentorship: A readiness to engage in consistent mentoring sessions to foster growth.

  • Proactive in Educating Others: A readiness to conduct classes and educate peers (with all the training and tools provided by us).

  • Initial Investment: The ability to begin with an enrollment kit (options commence at $150).

  • Monthly Wellness Investment: A commitment to invest in $125 worth of wellness products each month, enabling you to earn commissions and bonuses from the world's largest essential oil company.

Together, we’ll forge a path toward wellness, financial success, and impactful education, cultivating a network where each member thrives in unison with others. If these attributes resonate with you, I invite you to join our journey toward transforming lives, one drop of essential oil at a time.

If you think this sounds like you, and you are ready to make the positive changes in your life to create the future you always wanted, then I am so excited to start this journey with you.​

Let's work together

Satisfaction Guarantee

"Should you feel that our energies may not align, I am more than happy to connect you with another wonderful individual within my team."

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