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this is my story
at least the condensed version of it ...

Hi, i'm Jessica

born and raised in Germany, my first steps into the world of healing began hands-on as a Registered Nurse, focusing on the little souls in pediatrics at Diakonie hospital, Bad Kreuznach.


Fast forward to 2000, and I found myself embarking on an unexpected adventure with the U.S. Air Force. Post the challenges of basic training, my path took me to the Aeromedical Apprentice Course at Brooks AFB, Texas, and I spent a memorable 6 years, embracing roles as an Active Duty member and a Reservist, with my journey weaving through Lackland AFB, TX, and Ramstein AB, Germany.

2012 brought essential oils and energy medicine into my world right when I needed it most - navigating through some tough health hurdles. I was quickly awed by the incredible benefits of these holistic buddies and dove deep into the passion that blossomed for oils and energy work.

By early 2013, I was soaking up wisdom at the Eden Energy Medicine Program, graduating as a certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner in 2015. It’s been a joy using energy techniques to weave physical and emotional healing for my clients.

I am also a Holistic Health Coach, and studied with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I graduated in March of 2015.


In 2022 I graduated from the University of Natural Health in Indiana with a PhD in Holistic Medicine and Nutrition. 

I am really passionate about sharing my personal story along with all I have studied in hopes of empowering others to transform their relationship with food, their body and their health.


As a mom of 2, with one precious child now beyond the veil, I strive to maintain a balance amid life's demands. It’s a journey of both pain and resilience when people ask how I keep going after such loss. It’s anything but simple. Navigating through, not only for my daughter and my husband Joel but for all my clients worldwide, became an unchosen path that I continue to tread.


Learning to harness my mediumistic/psychic abilities, especially after Jaden's passing, has been a sanctuary in this emotional rollercoaster. As a lightworker, intertwining these abilities with my work and personal healing journey has effortlessly woven into my journey.


​I look forward to connecting with you, wherever you are in this world. 


Love and Light, ​

Dr. Jess


Please contact me here with any questions or comments you may have about essential oils, how to schedule a health coaching or energy medicine session!


I'd love to hear from you! 


I love handmade products  


I spend hours in meditation each week

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I love traveling the world


Service is my thing

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My top Five

favorite things


Snuggle up & Spend Quality Time with my family


connecting with my son behind the veil


creating graphics


using essential oils


sunrise and sunset at the beach

Image by Brooke Cagle


Jess Xx

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